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Coarse dirt nozzle: for efficient removal of coarse dirt

With the STIHL coarse dirt nozzle, professionals in cleaning services, workshops and industrial settings have a practical accessory for quickly and efficiently removing coarse, dry dirt with their STIHL wet and dry vacuum cleaner. You can use the coarse dirt nozzle to effectively remove paper waste, wood shavings, planing chips or gravel.

The nozzle, with a width of 175 mm and a connection diameter of 50 mm, can be easily attached to the hose of your STIHL wet and dry vacuum cleaner and swapped with other attachments.

The STIHL coarse dirt nozzle is compatible with the following electric wet and dry vacuum cleaners:

  • STIHL SE 122
  • STIHL SE 122 E
  • STIHL SE 133 ME 

The coarse dirt nozzle from STIHL is also compatible with the following discontinued wet and dry vacuum cleaners: STIHL SE 100, STIHL SE 120, STIHL SE 120 E, STIHL SE 200, STIHL SE 201 and STIHL SE 202. 

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