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Combination floor nozzle: Ideal for dry vacuuming of large areas of hard surfaces and carpeted floors

This STIHL floor nozzle is ideal for the cleaning of large areas and work areas in workshops, by cleaning services and in industrial environments. Depending on the model, floor nozzles can be used for dry vacuuming of hard surfaces and carpets, as well as for wet vacuuming of floors. With a width of 280 mm, the STIHL combination floor nozzle can be used to quickly and thoroughly clean large tiled or carpeted areas. At the same time, the robust construction of the floor nozzle protects it against damage from contact with objects, making it particularly durable. You can easily attach and replace the STIHL combination floor nozzle onto the hose of your STIHL wet and dry vacuum. The STIHL combination floor nozzle for dry vacuuming is equipped with a foot switch to change between settings for hard surfaces and carpets. The connection diameter is 36 mm.

The STIHL combination floor nozzle is compatible with STIHL SE 33 to STIHL SE 122 E electric wet and dry vacuums.

If you need a floor nozzle that can be used for both dry and wet areas, we recommend the STIHL universal floor nozzle for STIHL SE 33 to STIHL SE 133 ME.
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