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NG 7 rivet spinner: for convenient repair of saw chains

If you, as a professional user, want to shorten or lengthen a STIHL saw chain or exchange defective saw chain links for identically designed new ones, the rivets on the chain and connecting links must be loosened and subsequently reinserted and fixed in place. With the STIHL NG 7 KombiTool, you have 2 functions in one device.

The robust STIHL NG 7 chain breaker can be quickly assembled and securely attached to a workbench using screws. Various mounting slots for STIHL saw chains are incorporated into the supplied die and marked depending on the chain pitch. To de-rivet, use the base plate of the STIHL NG 7, on which the die is placed and the chain links are fixed in the matching mount. You can then use the long control lever to transfer the necessary force to simply press out the rivet heads to be loosened using a mandrel.

To insert new chain links into the saw chain and rivet them accordingly, work with the upper part of the NG 7 rivet spinner/chain breaker. There are roller inserts and pressure screws for different chain pitches, with which you can fix the rivets. You can then conveniently roll in the rivet shank using the hand crank until the chain links of the saw chain are firmly connected again.

NG 7 chain breaker/ rivet spinner

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