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Cultivator blade: For thorough, energy-saving soil cultivation

With the STIHL cultivator blade for STIHL MultiTools, you can adapt the working depth while cultivating soil without having to apply additional force. This is because the cultivator blade slows the forward movement so that the milling blades dig into the groand more slowly and deeply. The cultivator blade is a useful assistant particularly when preparing coarse soil or recultivating fine, sandy substrates.

The STIHL cultivator blade is suitable for the STIHL BF-MM pick tine or the STIHL BK-MM bolo tine in combination with the STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine.

  • Practical cultivator blade for STIHL MultiTools
  • For domestic users and professionals
  • Perfect for pick tines and bolo tines
  • Allows you to work the soil with minimal effort
  • Flexible adjustment of working depth
  • Hacksporn

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