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Curved flat nozzle for BR: Supports effective surface cleaning with fanned airstream

The curved STIHL flat nozzle for BR means that as a homeowner, landscape gardener or local authority worker, you can use your backpack STIHL leaf blower more effectively on larger areas. The powerful additional nozzle generates a wide airstream parallel to the groand. The air exits through the flat opening at a higher speed, so that you can effectively remove leaves or grass clippings on flat surfaces in a targeted manner. The curved STIHL flat nozzle for BR is simple to attach to the blower tube of your backpack STIHL leaf blower.

The STIHL curved flat nozzle for BR is compatible with the following backpack STIHL blowers:
  • STIHL BR 430
  • STIHL BR 500
  • STIHL BR 600
  • Powerful flat nozzle for extensive leaf blowing work
  • For domestic users and professionals
  • An air stream parallel to the ground enhances effective working
  • Large area can be done in no time
  • Curved flat nozzle

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