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Curved flat nozzle for BR 700 and BR 800: Fanned airstream for effective surface cleaning


With the curved STIHL flat nozzle for BR 700 and BR 800, homeowners, landscape gardeners or local authority workers can use a backpack STIHL leaf blower more effectively on larger areas. The powerful additional nozzle generates a wide airstream parallel to the groand. The air exits through the flat opening at a higher speed, so that you can effectively remove leaves or grass clippings on flat surfaces in a targeted manner. The curved STIHL flat nozzle is simply attached to the blower tube of your STIHL backpack blower.

This curved flat nozzle is compatible with the following backpack blowers:


  • STIHL BR 700
  • STIHL BR 800
Curved flat nozzle

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