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Bent Shaft Edge Trimmer KombiTool

The STIHL FCB-KM edge trimmer is an effective tool for trimming lawn edges. Whether on paths, driveways or flowerbed edges, with the STIHL FCB-KM you can trim edges precisely and easily. You can adjust the working depth of the power tool as required. Professionals and private users alike will appreciate the edge trimmer’s curved shaft, which makes it easy to access narrow spaces. A depth wheel ensures good guidance as you operate the machine, so the useful KombiTool can produce a clean lawn edge.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the FCB-KM edge trimmer is easy to handle. Its total length of 92 cm protects your back as you work.

The KombiTool is part of the STIHL KombiSystem. You can connect the edge trimmer quickly and without using tools to any KombiEngine featuring a loop handle that suits your needs, e.g. the STIHL KM 56 RC-E. The STIHL FCB-KM edge trimmer is also approved for use with the STIHL FR 130 T brushcutter (permanently discontinued).

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