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FL 1 to FL 5 file gauges: Manual sharpening for hardwood and softwood

As a private user or professional, you can use the STIHL FL 1 to FL 5 file gauges to sharpen your chainsaw in such a way that it is ideal for particular types of wood. So based on whether you are sawing pine, fir and spruce or more dense woods such as oak and walnut, you can choose between the corresponding openings on your file gauge for softwood or hardwood. The chosen opening is placed over the depth gauge to indicate the necessary depth gauge height. If it is too low, it means you need to resharpen your chain. The clever shape of the FL 1 to FL 5 file gauges ensures that you always maintain the correct angle when filing chains.

The practical hook on one end of the STIHL filing gauge makes it quick and easy to clean the groove and oil entry holes in the guide bar. This prevents the saw chain of your STIHL chainsaw running dry.

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