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Fine filter 100 M

The STIHL 100 M fine filter for the shut-off valve effectively enables domestic users and professionals to prevent nozzles on their STIHL sprayer from becoming clogged. This protects low-flow nozzles in particular, such as the STIHL full-cone nozzle. The STIHL fine filter is made of plastic with fine filter fabric and is simply inserted in the spray gun between the nozzle and the shut-off valve. You can just remove the STIHL fine filter and rinse it ander running water to clean it.

The STIHL 100 M fine filter for the shut-off valve is suitable for STIHL SG 31 to STIHL SG 71 sprayers and for the STIHL SGA 85 battery sprayer
  • Fine filter for the shut-off valve
  • Low throughput stops nozzles from becoming blocked
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Suitable for the STIHL SG 31, SG 51 and SG 71 mistblowers
  • Fine filter 100 M

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