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The STIHL straight flat nozzle is suitable for homeowners, landscape gardeners, and public authority use to remove heavy or wet leaves with STIHL leaf blowers. The airstream is compressed by the flat outlet opening and is emitted with greater force. The airstream is directed parallel to the floor and fanned out by the nozzle. This also makes it easier to remove fresh and wet grass clippings. You can simply attach the STIHL straight flat nozzle to the blower tube of your STIHL leaf blower.

The STIHL straight flat nozzle is compatible with the following battery blowers:


  • STIHL BGA 57
  • STIHL BGA 86
  • STIHL BGA 100

The flat nozzle can also be used with the discontinued BGA 56 battery blower.

  • Powerful flat nozzle for extensive leaf blowing work
  • Makes heavy or wet blowable materials easier to remove
  • Provides very high air speed
  • For BGA 56, BGA 86, and BGA 100
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