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Straight Shaft Brushcutter KombiTool

With the STIHL FS-KM AutoCut brushcutter, you can keep working in areas of your garden where lawn mowers hit their limits. Hard-to-reach corners, lawn edges and uneven, overgrown and weedy areas are where this brushcutter shines.

The brushcutter is equipped with a STIHL AutoCut C 26-2mowing head, which is particularly suitable for clearing aroand walls and fences or hedges and path borders. A wide range of durable mowing lines are available for this practical two-line mowing head, which enables the brushcutter to mow different types of grass effectively. A protective guard over the rotating lines prevents stones from being thrown up as you work.

You can use the FS-KM AutoCut brushcutter with all STIHL KombiEngines, such as the STIHL KM 94 RC-E KombiEngine. As part of the practical STIHL KombiSystem, the KombiTool can be attached or changed quickly and easily.
FS-KM, AutoCut C 26-2

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