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Metal Blade Brushcutter KombiTool

The STIHL FS-KM GrassCut brushcutter is a suitable and powerful tool for mowing areas of tough grass. With this brushcutter from the STIHL KombiSystem, private users and professionals can also effectively remove or trim back weeds, stinging nettles and dense reeds. This is because the double-bladed STIHL GrassCut grass cutting blade used in this model is designed precisely for these purposes.

The STIHL FS-KM KombiTool with GrassCut 230-2 blade is easy to use thanks to its lightweight design. A plastic deflector protects against coarse dirt, flying stones and pieces of wood.

You can use the FS-KM brushcutter with STIHL GrassCut 230-2 with all STIHL KombiEngines. Simply connect your brushcutter to the STIHL KMA 130 R, for example – no need for tools.
FS-KM GSB 230-2

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