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Special cutter blade for dense growth

With the STIHL GrassCut 4-blade cutting blade, you can mow and maintain tough grass quickly and effectively. Thanks to its robust workmanship, you can use this cutting tool with the right STIHL clearing saw or a STIHL brushcutter in thick, dry grass and to combat tough weeds. This grass cutting blade is also the right choice for use in reeds or for thin bushes.

The STIHL GrassCut grass cutting blade with its four blades has a diameter of 230 mm, is made of high-quality steel and is reversible if required. This increases the service life of the STIHL GrassCut cutting blade and allows you to work more effectively.

This powerful professional cutting tool can be used in combination with the following STIHL tools:

Diameter 230 mm (item no.: 4001 713 3801):

  • FS 55 (Additional components are required for conversion to the STIHL FS 55. Please contact your specialist dealer for the conversion.)
  • FS 56 (Additional components are required for conversion to the STIHL FS 56. Please contact your specialist dealerfor the conversion.)
  • FS 70
  • FS 89
  • FS 91
  • FS 94
  • FS 111
  • FS 131
  • FS 240 C-E
  • FSA 90
  • FSA 130
  • FSA 135
  • FR 131 T
  • FR 410 C-E
  • FR 460 TC-EM

You can also use the grass cutting blade GrassCut, four blades, with a 230 mm diameter, and item no. 4001 713 3801 for the following discontinued STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws: FS 80, FS 85 and FR 480.

Diameter 230 mm (item no.: 4000 713 3812):

  • FS 260 C-E
  • FS 311
  • FS 360 C-EM
  • FS 361 C-EM
  • FS 410 (except FS 410 C-EM K version)
  • FS 411
  • FS 460 (except FS 460 C-EM K version)
  • FS 461 C-EM
  • FS 490 (except FS 490 C-EM K and FS 490 C-EM KW versions)
  • FS 491 C-EM

Note: For safety reasons, you may only use the STIHL GrassCut 4-blade grass cutting blade with universal guard.

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