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Double shoulder harness: Relief and comfort when working with a brushcutter

The softly padded STIHL double shoulder harness has been developed to relieve you as a demanding private user or landscape gardener as much as possible and to increase comfort when mowing. The double shoulder harness ensures ideal weight distribution, especially when working with your STIHL brushcutter for longer periods of time. The brushcutter is hooked directly onto the shoulder strap, which distributes the load over the entire back and thus protects your muscles and joints. The harness is a practical accessory for brushcutters that makes mowing more comfortable.

The double shoulder harness is compatible with power tools from the lightweight STIHL FS 55 petrol brushcutter to the powerful STIHL FS 561 petrol clearing saw. It comes as standard with the following STIHL battery brushcutters:

  • FSA 90
  • FSA 135

The double shoulder harness is also supplied as standard with the STIHL RGA 140 battery rotary cutting head.


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