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High-pressure hose adapter: Allows flexible hose extension

For discerning domestic users or professionals, the STIHL high-pressure hose adapter allows you to connect the high-pressure hose of your STIHL electric high-pressure cleaner to a STIHL high-pressure hose extension, leak-proof and securely. This means that you can flexibly increase the reach of your STIHL high-pressure cleaner and adapt it to the cleaning task and area to be cleaned. You can simply screw the high-pressure hoses on or off the two ends of the robust STIHL high-pressure hose adapter.

The adapter is suitable for the following STIHL high-pressure cleaners, with 2 versions available:
  • M24 x 1.5 (item no. 49255030800) for STIHL RE 232 to STIHL RE 282 PLUS
  • M27 x 1.5 (item no. 49255031205) for STIHL RE 362 to STIHL RE 462 PLUS

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