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Technical details

Mixing ratio1 : 50

Excellent lubrication and protection.

STIHL HP Ultra 2-stroke engine oil is a fully synthetic oil for continuous use ander the highest loads. It is suitable for professionals and domestic users to use in forests, and supports low-residue combustion in the engine. The engine oil is very low in sulphur and highly biodegradable (more than 60% in accordance with OECD 301 B), and it offers excellent engine lubrication to make starting your power tool easier. Thanks to excellent corrosion protection and high cleanliness due to low combustion residue, STIHL HP Ultra 2-stroke engine oil supports a long service life for your engines.

The 2-stroke engine oil from STIHL is available in the following sizes:

  • 100 ml for 5 litres (item no.: 07813198060)
  • 1 litre for 50 litres as a dosing bottle (item no.: 07813198061)
  • 5 litres for 250 litres (item no.: 07813198063)

further information:

  • Performance classes: JASO-FB, ISO-L-EGB
  • Mixing ratio: 1:50

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