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For MultiProtect & TriProtect Trousers


The STIHL FS shin guard, which is patented in several European countries, supports you when using a STIHL clearing saw. Suitable trousers such as the STIHL TriProtect FS clearing saw protective trousers offer an internal leg pocket to accommodate it. You can easily insert shin guards into these pockets. During work, the breathable impact protection absorbs force from flying particles. The multi-layered, innovative material structure makes the 50 cm long STIHL FS shin guard stable, breathable and flexible at the same time, and therefore offers a very high level of comfort in addition to protection.


Delivered as 1 pair. The FS shin guard is machine washable at 60°C.


forther information:


  • Material composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Available colour: black
  • Size available: Length 50 cm
  • Patent: EP 2465369 B1

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