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Technical details

Chain pitch9,32mm/3/8"
Drive link gauge1,6mm/.063"
Bar length50cm/20"
Number of drive links72 Tg

Rescue operations special chainsaw

The 3/8" Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR) carbide saw chain is used with the STIHL MS 462 C-M R emergency services saw for fire brigades, rescue services and technical relief services. Thanks to the cutting teeth with full-surface plating made of impact-resistant hard metal plates, the saw chain even cuts wood with nails, armoured glass and composite material.

The STIHL 3/8" Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR) special saw chain with 1.6 mm drive link thickness is only suitable for emergency services saws. As it is a carbide chainsaw chain it cannot be sharpened by hand, but with a sharpening tool. Our specialist dealers will be happy to professionally resharpen your STIHL Rapid Duro rescue saw chain.

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