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Replacement Cushion

The STIHL support cushion enables you to work comfortably and precisely with your STIHL earth auger. The large surface area for padding on your torso and legs means that as a professional in horticulture and landscaping or in local authorities, you can increase your working comfort during longer periods of application. STIHL support cushion dampens the vibrations of the earth auger, protecting your muscles and joints. It also supports smooth and precise guidance of the drilling tool.

The STIHL support cushion is a replacement for the support cushion supplied with your STIHL earth auger and is available in 2 versions:

  • Support cushion (item no. 43117482500) for the discontinued STIHL BT 106 C and STIHL BT 120 C earth augers
  • Support cushion (item no. 43137482501) for the discontinued STIHL BT 121 and STIHL BT 130 earth augers, as well as for the STIHL BT 131 petrol earth auger

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