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Technical details

Working width200 mm
Weight2 kg

Aerator MultiTool

The STIHL RL-MM scarifier is ideal for aerating your lawn and keeping it optimally supplied with nutrients. It is available for professionals and private users as a tool attachment for the STIHL MultiSystem, which is designed especially for groandwork applications and offers powerful support when scarifying lawns, for example.

The rotating twin blades of the lawn aerator are made of steel and evenly perforate the grass surface as you work. This creates the necessary conditions for optimal ventilation of the roots, improving the supply of important nutrients and promoting root growth. Thanks to the narrow working width of 20 cm, the RL-MM lawn aerator can also be used in hard-to-reach places without difficulty. The STIHL RL-MM lawn aerator is an efficient tool for sustaining a healthy and well-maintained lawn.

The RL-MM petrol scarifier is a MultiTool that can be connected to the powerful STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine with ease. When needed, you can easily replace the lawn aerator with another MultiTool.
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