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Pipe cleaning set: For cleaning narrow pipes with a high-pressure cleaner

The STIHL pipe cleaning set is ideal for cleaning narrow pipes. You can use it with your STIHL electric high-pressure cleaner in various ways, for example when you need to clean a downpipe. The long, narrow hose means you can effectively loosen deep blockages and dirt even in pipes with small diameters.

A nozzle is already fitted to the STIHL set for pipe cleaning. You can connect the STIHL pipe cleaning set to your STIHL high-pressure cleaner using a STIHL screw/quick-release coupling adapter. The STIHL pipe cleaning set has a length of 15 m, an outer hose diameter of 10 mm and outer head diameter of 13.7 mm. It is suitable for STIHL RE 90 to STIHL RE 170 PLUS high-pressure cleaners.

Note: For compatibility with older, discontinued models, please contact your local STIHL dealer.
Pipe cleaning set

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