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RTS harness: For effortless work during longer periods of use


The STIHL RTS harness takes the strain off when working with STIHL long-reach hedge trimmers, STIHL pole pruners and STIHL KombiEngines. Once the device is hooked into the harness, professionals and domestic users can effortlessly and ergonomically care for hedges or prune trees, without having to carry the full weight of the power tool. For longer periods of use or work on tall hedges and trees in particular, the carrying system helpfully takes some of the load, meaning part of the power tool weight is shifted to your shoulders. The level at which the attached device hangs can be individually adjusted to your height.

The STIHL RTS harness is suitable for the following STIHL long-reach hedge trimmers:

  • HL 94 C-E
  • HLA 66
  • HLA 86
  • HLA 135
  • HLE 71

It is also suitable for the discontinued HLA 65 and HLA 85 long-reach hedge trimmers.

The harness is suitable for the following STIHL pole pruners:

  • HT 135
  • HTA 66
  • HTA 86
  • HTA 135
  • HTE 60

You can also use it with the following discontinued STIHL pole pruners: HTA 103, HTA 133 and HTA 65.

The harness is suitable for the following STIHL KombiEngines with HT-KM or HL-KM:

  • KM 56 RC-E
  • KM 94 RC-E
  • KM 111 R
  • KM 131 R
  • KMA 135 R
  • HL-KM 145°

You can also use it for the STIHL HL-KM 135° KombiTool long-reach hedge trimmer (discontinued).

The RTS cannot be used with the following models: KMA 130 R, HL 94 KC-E and HLE 71 K.


Rückentragsystem RTS

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