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The STIHL nozzle set includes a set of 2 fan jet nozzles and 2 hollow cone nozzles for various spray applications with STIHL sprayers. With the fan jet nozzles, professionals and domestic users can spray plants effectively and quickly on larger areas with a spray angle of 80°. For precise spraying of individual plants, you can use one of the 2 hollow cone nozzles with a spray angle of 85°.

All nozzles in the STIHL nozzle set are made of robust plastic. They are compatible with the STIHL SG 11 to STIHL SG 71 as well as with the STIHL SGA 85 battery sprayer.


For mounting on STIHL SG 11, STIHL SG 21, STIHL SG 51, STIHL SG 71 and STIHL SGA 85, you will need a STIHL nozzle holder in each case.

Set of Nozzles SG 20

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