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Varioclean: Special cleaner for removing resin, oils, grass stains and more

With STIHL Varioclean special cleaner, you can reliably remove organic dirt such as resin, oils and grass stains from guide bars, saw chains, blades, circular saw blades and machine housings, for example. Varioclean is free of phosphates and organic solvents and the surfactants contained in it are biodegradable.

Application information: Spray your (power) tools with the special cleaner, wash with water, and wipe with a cloth. To protect your tools from corrosion, we recommend applying STIHL Multispray after use.

STIHL safety glasses must be worn during use.

STIHL Varioclean special cleaner is available in the following sizes:

  • Spray bottle, 500 ml (item no.: 07825168001)

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