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STIHL Superclean spray removes deposits such as resin, rust and dirt from cutting attachments, hedge trimmer blades and STIHL chainsaws. The double-function spray effectively removes dirt. At the same time, it serves as lubricant and corrosion protection. So to extend the service life of your cutting tools, spray them with Superclean from STIHL after each use. If you use the spray on your hedge trimmer blades, set the blades briefly in motion after spraying.

Superclean spray is available in the following sizes:

  • Can, 300 ml (item no.: 07824201002)
  • Spray with lubrication function against resin and dirt as well as rust protection
  • Loosens resin and dirt
  • Effective for lubrication and corrosion protection
  • For cutting attachments, hedge trimmer blades and chainsaws
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