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Tip protectors for HS, HSA, HL and HLE: To protect the cutting attachment


The STIHL tip protector is an accessory for hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers that protects the tip of the cutter bar from excessive wear and possible damage in the event of contact with walls or obstacles. When maintaining hedges, you sometimes need to cut particularly close to walls or near the groand. The STIHL tip protector ensures you can maintain your hedge with precision. The T-shaped STIHL tip protector made of robust stainless steel can be attached to the end of the cutter bar with two screws, and is easily replaced in the event of wear. It can withstand high loads and is highly durable.

You can use the appropriate STIHL tip protectors with the following hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers:

(item no. 42377929006):


  • STIHL HS 56 C-E
  • STIHL HS 81 T (discontinued)
  • STIHL HS 82 T
  • STIHL HSA 94 T
  • STIHL HL 91 KC-E
  • STIHL HL 94

(item no. 42377909802):

  • STIHL HS 81 R (discontinued)
  • STIHL HS 82 R
  • STIHL HSA 94 R

(item no. 42300071005):

  • STIHL HLE 71
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