STIHL GTA 26 - Suspicious advertisements from questionable providers

Person sägt mit Akku-Gehölzschneider GTA 26 einen Ast ab

Dear Customers,

TThere are currently a number of websites and advertisements from questionable providers apparently offering the STIHL GTA 26 garden pruner for low prices between A$29 and A$59. The fraudsters give the impression that they are directly connected to STIHL by using official STIHL image material or URLs relating to STIHL, for example. However, people who take up these offers do not receive a STIHL product after they pay.
The advertisements appear on various platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. STIHL is looking into the matter and is in contact with the relevant authorities.
Please note that STIHL products are only sold by approved servicing dealers. The recommended retail price of the STIHL GTA 26, including battery and charger, is currently $279. You should be suspicious of any providers who are offering the product for a significantly lower price. If you come across a suspicious offer, please contact

Your STIHL Team