The STIHL connected Portal

Are you looking for a digital platform on which you can organise your power tools and batteries? Then STIHL connected is the solution for you.

The benefits for you at a glance 

  • Maintain an overview of all important power tool information 
  • Check the availability of your power tools in real time 
  • Organise your fleet of power tools quickly and easily by means of customisable filters 
  • Choose from three different views depending on information requirements and fleet size 
  • Make planning even more efficient thanks to digital team and fleet management 

This is STIHL connected

STIHL connected is a combination of clever components that offer tangible added value in your everyday work. Smart connectors, batteries and the STIHL connected Box collect data from your power tools, which you can then evaluate in the STIHL connected Portal.

Overview of portal functions

STIHL Connected portal product overview including map

All your power tools in sight 

  • The STIHL connected Portal offers you three different views for organising your power tool fleet
  • Get accurate data on the location and availability of your power tools
  • Check the operational time and capability of your devices with a single click

Optimise your fleet of power tools

  • Set up your STIHL connected Box to transfer power tool and battery data to the Portal in real time
  • Track the energy consumption and charge levels of your entire battery fleet (from AP 300 S)
  • Get accurate analyses of your power tool operational time and speed (available from end of 2023)

Organise teams

  • Add your employees to the Portal and assign them individual user rights
  • Assign your teams the power tools they need to use
  • Add your personal STIHL dealer to share power tool information with them on request

Get started now with STIHL connected and the STIHL connected Portal 

Do you have questions about STIHL connected? 

If you have any questions, please contact your STIHL dealer or you can find further answers and facts about the STIHL connected Portal in our STIHL Support Self Service area.

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