Product registration

We have confidence in the quality and long-term performance of our products! 

A woman registering her STIHL HSA 56 cordless hedge trimmer using her smartphone

Double Your Warranty

The 'Double Your Warranty' is designed for you to increase your warranty by a further 2 years!

Your warranty is extended when you purchase a 1 Litre bottle of STIHL HP Ultra Two Stroke oil or 4 litres of MotoMix. The product and lubricant must be purchased at the same time as an eligible product.

For more information on how to get double warranty on your next purchase, and a list of eligible product check out the link below.


Naaldbomenbos met groene weide op de voorgrond en bergen op de achtergrond

STIHL Newsletter 

When you purchase a STIHL product in-store, your local STIHL dealer will register your product for warranty. During this process you can also subscribe to our STIHL newsletter and receive information tailored to your needs! This will keep you informed about current promotions and new STIHL products, and you will also receive a variety of tips on how to use your machine.

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Would you like to know where to find the serial number of your power tool, for example? Answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided in the FAQs.