Blower buying guide

While Autumn is the season you’ll use your blower most, it’s a helpful tool for clearing dirt and debris year round. From tidying-up the courtyard ahead of visitors to clearing gutters and leaf litter, STIHL has a model for every garden, and every gardener, including professionals. Let’s take a closer look.

BGA 45 Battery Blower


At just $249, the entry-level BGA 45 is one of the best leaf blowers for the price. The battery-operated tool is ultra lightweight making it very easy to operate. It clears just under a tennis court-sized area of leaves on a single charge (approximately 200m2).

As part of the AI Line, it comes with an integrated battery and charger and is ideal for smaller to medium sized yards.

BGA 45 battery blower


New to the AK system, this light, compact, yet powerful blower offers a maximum blowing force of 15 newtons, and features a variable speed control trigger which allows the user to adjust the force to suit the task at hand. 

If you have a really tough job at hand, there is also the option to utilise the ‘boost mode’ which temporarily increases the blowing force which is incredibly handy if you get stuck on something sticky. The blowing force of the BGA 60 on boost mode matches that of our popular petrol powered BG 86 blower. 

Like all STIHL tools, the BGA 60 has a number of different comfort and safety features designed to make light work for the user and increase longevity of the tool. The metal ring at the top of the blower tube is designed to reduce wear and tear on the plastic if you’re regularly using it close to a hard surface, such as a gravel driveway, and the length of the tube is easily adjusted with the touch of a button – no twisting required! 


BGA 60 Battery Blower


One of the most popular model in our battery range, the BGA 86 boasts 50% more power than its predecessor, the BGA 85. While designed for commercial users, it’s also popular among property owners with larger areas to clear. As part of the professional 36V AP System, the removable battery clips into over 30 other powerful STIHL tools. Comes with a variable throttle and round multi-purpose nozzle as standard.

BGA 86 Battery Blower


The entry-level petrol blower still packs plenty of power thanks to STIHL 2-MIX technology. Backed by 90 years of German engineering excellence, the tool is designed to maximise power output while reducing fuel consumption. This efficiency, coupled with an excellent power-to-weight ratio, makes the BG 56 one of our best-selling petrol tools.

BG 56 petrol blower


For a lightweight backpack blower, the BR 350 is an ideal choice. Suited to landscapers and larger properties, it will swiftly clear lawn clippings, leaves, rubbish and other debris.

The backpack design with an ergonomic harness and anti-vibration technology offers the operator more comfort whilst in use. Efficient STIHL 2-MIX engine provides plenty of power and assured success, with up to 20% lower consumption than conventional STIHL 2-stroke engines. With a large 1.7L fuel tank, the BR 350 is a great asset for out on the property.

BR 350 petrol backpack blower

SH 56 C-E petrol blower vacuum

The SH 56 C-E won’t just clear your fallen leaves and debris, it will shred them too. A best-seller in the petrol shredder vac category, it comes with a 2-MIX engine, Easy2Start and blower function as standard.

For more information about STIHL’s extensive blower range, visit your local STIHL dealer.