Jamie Head - round 3 preview

Head looks to extend Championship lead on home soil.

Round 3 Preview: Jamie Head

Round 3 see's the 2016 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Championship pass the half way mark and our reporters caught up with Jamie Head to see how his preparations were going ahead of the round at Ipswich Supercars on 22-24th of July.

You're currently top of the leaderboard, what have you got to do to stay there?
JAMIE: I have to be very consistent, still have to have good performances. Being consistent so far has got me to the front spot. I need to stay in the high spots in each round.

Is it a surprise that you are leading after two rounds?
JAMIE: I knew if I did everything right then I'd give myself a good chance. Good luck and good performances have got me there.

You've been having a few Hot Saw troubles. Do you think you've got it sorted now?
JAMIE: Ah, still not sure. Every week that goes by things are getting better. I am hoping to have both Hot Saws up and running by Round 3. Will run the one I'm most happy with. One is pulled completely apart and needs to be rebuilt.

Will being on home soil in Queensland help you?
JAMIE: Yes, I think it is a slight advantage. I'll have lots of support. My Hot Saw mechanic will be coming. My father and grandfather (who I train with) don't have to travel far to get there. I don't have to send the Hot Saw a week before so I can train right until the day of the competition.

What are your thoughts on how you have been competing in the competition so far?
JAMIE: Chopping has been really strong; I thought this would be my weak point.
I am disappointed with how I've been in the Single Buck. This should be one of my stronger ones. I'll have a new Single Saw for the next round. I need to do some more training and get back to where I was.

How have you been training for Round 3? Have you changed your technique, added anything to your regime, focused on a particular discipline?
JAMIE: No major changes for this round. I've been competing in other wood chopping shows, which has been good training and competition experience.
I've been concentrating on the sawing disciplines.

How many hours a week are you training?
JAMIE: It varies. On average 10 hours a week. Entering lots of competitions is my training.

What is your biggest concern going in to Round 3?
JAMIE: The Hot Saw.

Who do you see as your greatest threat?
JAMIE: It's hard to say. Everyone is so close and consistent. Anyone who is in the top four could win it.

What does it mean to you to win the title of Australian Champion?
JAMIE: It would mean a lot. Something I've looked forward to for a long time.

What does it mean to you to make it on the Australian team and compete in the World Championship?
JAMIE: Very special to get to cut for Australia, a great honour to be part of such a great team and compete with such great guys. It's a very special opportunity.

Has anything extraordinary happened in your life outside TIMBERSPORTS– got married, had a child.
JAMIE: I am a very proud father of three; a girl aged six, and two boys aged four and one.