Matt Gurr - round 3 preview

Gurr focusing on weaknesses to claim spot in Aussie team.

Round 3 Preview: Matthew Gurr

Round 3 see's the 2016 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Championship pass the half way mark and our reporters caught up with Matthew Gurr to see how his preparations are going ahead of the round at Ipswich Supercars on 22-24th of July.

Brad De Losa surprised everyone at the last round and won your event the Springboard - do you think he'll beat you again?
MATTHEW: I don't know, anyone can win the Springboard. I'm lucky that I'm consistent with this discipline so I'm still the one to beat but anyone is capable of beating me on any particular day.

You're currently in joint 5th on the championship ladder, do you think you can catch the top 4? Or are you happy to battle it out for the 5th spot on the Aussie team?
MATTHEW: My personal goal is to make the 5th spot and make the Australian team. I'm lucky to be sitting 5th. I haven't performed well so far – I haven't had a good run in the last 2 rounds, so I'm hoping my performance picks up. The 5th spot is wide open.

What have you got to do to stay in 5th?
MATTHEW: My weakest two events are the Single Buck and Under Hand Chop so I'm not confident I will pick up many points in these. I have to do well in the Standing Block, much better in the Hot Saw and perform really well in the Stock Saw.

You bought a Hotsaw ahead of Round 2 but didn't use it, why?
MATTHEW: I only received it just before Agfest. It wasn't up to scratch and I wasn't up to speed with hotsawing - the mechanical side of it. Since then I've had it rebuilt and done a lot of practice.

Will you be using it in QLD?
MATTHEW: Yes I will…if it gets there on time.

What are your thoughts on how you have been competing in the competition so far?
MATTHEW: I haven't performed well in the first two rounds so I can only do better.

How have you been training for Round 3?
The weather here in Tasmania has made it hard to get out and train. It's also tricky getting hold of training wood where I live. I'm determined to use my own hotsaw in this round so I have been getting used to it. I also have a new crosscut saw which I've been using in training. I have an active job so keeping my body operational with fitness training – gym and up hill running - keeps me in tune.

How many hours a week are you training?
MATTHEW: In addition to my work, I do about 4 – 5 hours a week

Biggest concern going in to round 3?
MATTHEW: I don't have any major concerns. I'm happy to be in the top 8 and will give it my all.

Who do you see as your greatest threat?
MATTHEW: Anyone is capable of beating me in any event, so I'm keeping my eye on all of the guys but the bottom three in particular – Brodie Dingle, Kody Steers and Mitch Argent. I just need to concentrate on what I'm doing and perform the best I can…and not get any DQs.

What does it mean to you to win the title of Australian Champion?
MATHEW: Honestly, it's not going to happen so I haven't given it much thought.

What does it mean to you to make it on the Australian Team and compete in the World Championship?
MATTHEW: It would be wonderful. I've competed for Australia against NZ previously but it would be great to compete internationally. It's such an honour to compete for my country. I don't have too many years left to compete in this format. It's getting harder every time I compete against the young fellas so let's hope this is my year.

Has anything interesting happened in your life – got married, had a child….
MATTHEW: No, nothing at all.