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Hans Peter Stihl becomes Assistant Manager

Andreas Stihl's eldest son Hans Peter Stihl (date of birth: 18.4.1932) joins the company as Assistant to the Management. He was Chairman of the Board until June 2002.


Chainsaw 07

The gearless 07 is presented at the industry trade fair in Hanover. It is designed for use in medium-density stands.


Chainsaw 08

The model 08 is not simply a chainsaw. Its drive unit is designed and built for a variety of applications. Attachments are gradually introduced for new areas of use: Two-man earth auger BT 308 (1964) Cut-off machine TS 08 (1965) One-man earth auger BT 309 (1965) Clearing saw FS 08 (1969)

1000 employees

STIHL takes on the 1000th employee.


Anti-vibration system

The chainsaw is now equipped with anti-vibration handle: carefully calculated buffer elements (red) absorb the vibrations produced by the engine and rotating chain before they are transmitted to the operator.

Production of chains and bars

Facilities for manufacturing chains and bars are completed in plant 2 in Waiblingen-Neustadt and production starts.


Chainsaw 040

On the occasion of the company's 40th anniversary, STIHL presents the one-man chainsaw 040 - and a technical sensation: with a power output of 3.7 HP, the machine weighs only 6.8 kg. For the first time, the power-to-weight ratio has been pushed below the level of 2.0 kg/HP.


Electronic ignition system

The chainsaw model 041 AV electronic is the first machine with electronic ignition system ensuring troublefree starting and optimum combustion.

STIHL breaks new records

The one-millionth chainsaw comes off the assembly line. Annual sales exceed the level of DM 100 million for the first time.


Oilomatic® saw chain with self-lubricating effect

Chain oil is reliably delivered to the chain through precisely calculated oil ducts in the drive links. Advertising slogan at the time: "The chain that oils itself".

Mistblower SG 17

With its two-stroke engine, the mistblower SG 17 makes it much easier to spray liquids and granulated material, e.g. for crop protection and fertilization.


The 1960s - facts and figures

Annual sales 1969

STIHL founding company


DM 113.8 million

Employees 1969

STIHL founding company



New firms set up

Austria (1966)
Central Sales Office Dieburg (1969)