STIHL fuels and lubricants

Everything from a single source with the Optimum System

STIHL fuels and lubricants

As the manufacturer of STIHL engines, we know precisely what our equipment needs to achieve its full performance. It is for this reason that we develop and test the oils, greases and fuels for our machines ourselves in our own STIHL laboratory, at numerous test stations and in field tests.

At STIHL, chemists, engineers and users work hand in hand. In so doing, we achieve optimum results – for people, machines and the environment. We call this principle of success the STIHL Optimum System.

More than 500 employees work in the cutting-edge STIHL development centre with its
in-house laboratory. Engineers and chemists work to harmonise STIHL fuels and lubricants
with equipment.

STIHL fuels and lubricants and equipment undergo extensive functional and endurance
testing at over 100 test stations. Models can only make it to the market once they have
passed this extreme strength testing.

In field tests, lubricants, fuels and equipment are tested under a range of different
operating conditions

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