Powerful and quiet

STIHL's BGA 100 cordless blower

The STIHL BGA 100 cordless blower

The STIHL BGA 100 is one of STIHL's top-end machines among handheld battery blowers. It's tremendous blowing force is a huge increase of approximately 70 per cent compared with the STIHL BGA 85. The STIHL BGA 100 has three power levels and an additional Boost function which are selected by thumb action without having to change grip.

Despite the huge power increase (compared with the BGA 85) the new STIHL blower is extremely quiet. The sound level has been reduced by 10 dB(A) meaning the noise level is halved for the operator and passers-by.

Another feature of the blower is that it's also compatible with all AR and select AP Batteries in the STIHL battery range. The batteries are stowed away in an optional pouch attached to the hip belt, which are then connected to the machine via an all new connecting cable.


Highest blowing force of STIHL's hand-held blower range
Approx. 70% more blowing force than BGA 85
Soft rubber handle grip
Approx. 15% higher blowing force than BG 86
Adjustable tube length
Soft rubber handle grip
Intelligent user interface
Suitable for noise sensitive areas

High level of ergonomics
With a machine weight of only 2.5 kg the BGA 100 is very light and extremely manoeuvrable. The battery is carried separately from the machine, either in the battery bag or on the user's back. The machine is always perfectly balanced and that assists optimum handling. The high-speed fanwheel enables very compact blower unit construction (small diameter, single-stage). As a result of the associated weight reduction, the user experiences virtually no gyroscopic forces. And as the center of gravity is near the handle, these factors make the BGA 100 very flexible and wieldy. The hanging loop allows the BGA 100 to be suspended during breaks from work and also while in use, which greatly helps to avoid operator fatigue.

Intelligent user interface
The retaining latch is integrated into the control unit. LED lights up to indicate readiness for operation.
The 3 standard power stages can be selected simply by pushing the retaining latch forward. In conjunction with the infinitely variable speed trigger, the blowing force can thus be optimally adjusted for the task in hand, up to the maximum setting.
- Lower noise emission
- Longer battery running time
The power stage currently selected is indicated by LEDs. The last power stage selected is saved.
The additional „Boost" power stage for maximum blowing force can be selected from any of the three standard power stages by overriding the trigger. There is no need to alter the grip position when doing this.