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AP Blowers

For Large Gardens and Professional Applications

36V battery blowers are mobile, quiet, powerful and just the job for use in areas sensitive to noise emissions such as hospitals, nursery schools or residential areas. While blowers from STIHL’s 36V AK family of battery products are the perfect solution for price-conscious gardeners and domestic users. The especially high quality of STIHL’s 36V AP battery power system makes it ideal for professional use in horticulture and municipal landscape maintenance.

Model Airspeed ­m/s Weight ­kg Rated voltage ­V Price
BGA 85 Skin Only 47 3.2 1) 36 $349.00*
NEW BGA 86 Skin Only 58 36 $399.00*
BGA 100 Skin Only 63 2.5 1) 36 $549.00*
1) Excluding battery

*Prices are valid from the 01/06/2020 to 31/08/2020.
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