Innovative energy management in horticulture and landscaping

STIHL energy management makes horticulture and landscaping work easier – including for the professionals at Farwick GmbH. Learn more about it.

Overview: energy management 

  • STIHL battery power tools are used by around 60 staff at Farwick GmbH
  • Around 30 power tools such as hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, clearing saws and KombiTools are used for work in green areas
  • Battery power tools offer reduced noise, as well as ergonomic advantages
  • Optimisation of energy management with STIHL charging solutions such as the bottTainer and charging cabinet
  • The bottTainer as a charging and transport solution for use on-the-go in flatbed vehicles; charging cabinet specifically for fixed-site battery charging

Looking for: all-day battery power

One of the many companies that benefits from STIHL battery

power in their daily work is Farwick GmbH. Around 60 employees in six teams are responsible for the creation and management of public and commercial green spaces, as well as high-end private gardens. One of these maintenance teams works exclusively with battery power tools in high-end private gardens in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

A man in a workshop stands behind a work surface containing STIHL battery power tools, and reaches for a STIHL BGA 200 battery leaf blower

STIHL battery power tools have long been an integral part of horticulture and landscaping.

Around 30 power tools are in regular use – including hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, clearing saws, KombiTools and chainsaws. Janes Vitus Farwick, an engineer in landscaping and authorised signatory, considers battery power tools to have become crucial to an “organic and sustainable approach in horticulture and landscaping”. 

And there are many other advantages to battery power: using battery power tools creates less noise, meaning work can start early in the morning. So you can work flexibly even in noise-sensitive environments.

In addition, harmful emissions can be avoided by using battery power tools; this benefits the environment as well as employees’ health and safety. The innovative working ergonomics of STIHL professional battery power tools support low-fatigue, precise handling of the power tools.

Combining these tools with sophisticated STIHL energy management ensures that the professionals at Farwick GmbH always have full power available for their STIHL professional battery power tools.

Powerful battery choice for professionals

Found: charging solutions from STIHL

STIHL charging solutions hugely simplify energy management for the everyday work of Farwick GmbH. Read on to find out more about the bottTainer as a mobile charging solution, and the charging cabinet as a fixed “battery centre”. 

bottTainer: fully charged on-the-go

The bottTainer powered by STIHL is a weatherproof all-in-one charging and transport solution for the outdoor area of flatbed vehicles, making it particularly useful for activities taking place away from the company site. It facilitates the weatherproof transportation of up to 28 AP batteries, or up to 4 AR-L batteries and 21 AP batteries with certified electrical safety. Everything can be charged simultaneously with just one cable connection. 

An employee of Farwick GmbH loads batteries into a bottTainer onto an emergency vehicle

The bottTainer makes professional battery transport easier.

Since autumn 2022, the five landscape gardeners from the Farwick GmbH maintenance team have had a bottTainer powered by STIHL on their utility vehicle, for safe, ordered and clean storage and transport of their batteries. This ensures that the right teams always have the right batteries available.

The bottTainer is easy to use and facilitates oversight of all batteries and charge levels. As the batteries can be left in the vehicle, all batteries are charged when workers set off in the morning. This means enormous time savings in the day-to-day work of Farwick GmbH.

Battery charging cabinet: power on site

The charging cabinet operates as a “battery centre” for simultaneously charging up to 20 batteries in a fixed location. It has five drawers, with each drawer accommodating up to four STIHL AP batteries or one STIHL AR backpack battery for charging.

The charging cabinet also features an independent control system which monitors the charging process. All batteries in the cabinet can be charged via a regular domestic power supply within 12 hours. The charging cabinet only requires a plug to be plugged in for commissioning – no professional installation is required.

The employees of Farwick GmbH are able to charge their batteries overnight, so that work can start right away in the morning. The STIHL battery charging cabinet with fast charging management simplifies efficient, smooth operations and facilitates good organisation and oversight.

The bottTainer and the battery charging cabinet show that it pays to have high-quality transport and charging solutions in horticulture and landscaping, to significantly simplify rapid, structured working.

A group of professionals walking along a street with various STIHL cordless power tools

STIHL professional battery adviser

With the STIHL professional battery adviser, you can find out which battery power tools and charging solutions are best suited to your area of work and your company.

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