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AL 301-4 Multiple Battery Charger: Charge up to 4 batteries sequentially

The STIHL AL 301-4 mobile multi-battery charger allows gardeners, landscapers, municipal facilities or caretakers the ability to charge up to 3 STIHL AP batteries sequentially. 

As the first multi-charging system, it’s specifically designed for use in vehicles, and thus it is robust in design and supports successful energy management. As a result, the STIHL AL 301-4 battery charging system can be arranged in rows or stacked, this enables you to mount and store it in a space-saving manner.

To ensure that you always have enough STIHL AP-System batteries charged and ready for use, the STIHL AL 301‑4 multi-charger can be mounted in your vehicle or on a wall in your workshop or office.

As the STIHL AL 301-4 mobile charger offers a good balance between charging time and mains utilisation makes it very easy to use this power tool can support your work in virtually any situation.

AL 301-4, Mehrfachladegerät

Technical details

Rated voltage220-240 V
Rated current2.3 A
Weight4.4 kg 1)
Power consumption300 W
Charging current6.5 A

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