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Technical details

Rated voltage220-240 V
Charging current6.5 A
Rated current2.3 A
Weight1.2 kg 1)
Power consumption300 W

AL quick charger: Fast and gentle charging of compatible STIHL batteries

You can use the STIHL AL quick battery charger to minimize charging time. All STIHL AK batteries, STIHL AP batteries, and STIHL AR batteries can be rapidly recharged with the STIHL AL quick battery charger. Active battery cooling protects the batteries during charging. The operating status display uses an LED to indicate the progress of the charging process.

Lightweight and compact, STIHL AL quick battery chargers have a nominal voltage of 36 V and work with corresponding charging currents for very fast charging times. The STIHL quick charger with practical cable rewind can also be attached to the wall.

You can find more information about safety standards for our batteries in our STIHL guide to charging lithium-ion batteries.

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