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Technical details

Battery weight2 kg
Rated voltage36 V
Energy content337 W·h 1)
Rated capacity as per IEC 619608.8 A·h
Rated cell capacity (as per manufacturer data)9.36 A·h

The flexible battery solution for garden, landscape and tree care

The STIHL AP system supports you in your daily tasks garden, landscape and tree care. The appropriate AP lithium-ion batteries help you to use STIHL battery tools even for demanding work. Four LED lights keep you always informed about the charge status of the battery. Thanks to the new Power Laminate Technology, the STIHL AP 500 S battery offers you twice the number of possible charging cycles compared to previous STIHL batteries. The power output has also been increased again compared to the AP 300 S from STIHL. In addition, the STIHL AP 500 S battery can be integrated into the fleet management system STIHL connected. This means you always have transparency about the actual operating time.


You can charge the STIHL AP 500 S with the battery quick chargers STIHL AL 301-4, STIHL AL 301 and STIHL AL 500 or the standard battery charger the STIHL AL 101

In our Overview of battery runtimes and charging times you can see how long you can work with your STIHL battery-powered tool and how long the inserted AP battery needs to charge. In the overview you can also see which AP battery is recommended for your STIHL tool.

Note: The 500 S battery is certified according to IPX4 protection class.

AP 500 S

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