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With STIHL pressure valves, domestic users and professionals can maintain a constant spraying pressure while using the STIHL sprayer. STIHL plastic pressure valves keep potential pressure deviations while spraying very low – in the range of +/- 10% – so that inconsistencies in the quantity of pesticides applied are effectively reduced. This allows you to achieve a uniform spray result for optimal plant care or in bed maintenance.

The following STIHL pressure valves are available depending on your preferred spraying pressure:


  • Yellow (item no. 42555007403) for an optimal spraying pressure of 1.0 bar
  • Red (item no. 42555007404) for an optimal spraying pressure of 1.5 bar
  • Blue (item no. 42555007405) for an optimal spraying pressure of 2.0 bar

STIHL pressure valves are suitable for STIHL SG 31, STIHL SG 51 and STIHL SG 71 sprayers.

Control Valve 2.0 bar

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