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Technical details

Displacement27 cm³
Displacement2 cu-in
Engine power0.8 kW
Engine power1.1 bhp
Weight4.8 kg 1)

STIHL BT 45 Hand-Held Petrol Drill

The STIHL BT 45 petrol-driven auger is suitable for various drilling tasks. When used with assorted wood drill bits, the STIHL BT 45 is ideal for building or repairing wooden jetties, partition walls, fences, retaining walls and other structures. The BT 45 drill can be used for drilling planting holes for agricultural purposes and for setting posts thanks to an optional adapter for using the drill spindle with earth auger bits. A core drill adapter is also available. Used with the appropriate drill bits, this will allow you to drill holes in concrete with a diameter of up to approx. 150 mm – for example for cable or pipe feed-through.

The easy-to-start and reliable STIHL 2-stroke engine delivers the power required for drilling. The BT 45 petrol drill is equipped with a 2-speed transmission with neutral position and reverse gear (clockwise/anti-clockwise) to facilitate optimum speeds in various applications. The neutral position, for example, is suitable for changing the drill bit or adjusting the carburettor – and changing the direction means you can loosen or unscrew a stuck drill bit more easily.

For optimal operation, high safety and more working comfort in the various applications, you can quickly and easily mount the wood drilling support handle or the earth drilling support handle. The STIHL anti-vibration system also contributes to increased working comfort – especially when working for longer periods. Thanks to compact design and low weight, the BT 45 petrol drill is easy to carry, and can be efficiently stored when you have finished working.

Note: Drill bits are not included in the scope of delivery.

BT 45 wood drill

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