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Homeowner Electric Blower

The STIHL BGE 61 electric leaf blower is a practical, lightweight and quiet blower for cleaning small to medium-sized areas and beds around houses. Weighing just 3 kg, the electric leaf blower can be used by private individuals to effectively blow together leaves and loose dirt.

All control elements are integrated into the ergonomically designed single-handed multi-function handle, meaning that you can operate the BGE 61 electric leaf blower conveniently with one hand. The handle is centred so that you can carry the leaf blower both to the right and left of your body. The flat nozzle enables you to achieve outstanding blowing power and high air speed close to the groand, while the integrated cable strain relief feature ensures that the plug connection remains secure if you pull on the cable as you work.

  • Electric blower for small to medium-sized areas around the home and garden
  • Clears leaves and loose dirt from footpaths, green areas, and flowerbeds
  • Nice and light, as well as low-noise for stress-free working
  • Stable plug connection ensured with integrated cable strain relief
  • Features

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    Cable strain relief

    Technical details

    Rated voltage240 V
    Power consumption1100 kW
    Weight3 kg
    Blowing force9 N 1)
    Max. air velocity70 m/s 2)

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