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Safety Instructions

Very light 1.4 kW tree care saw with 2-MIX motor

The STIHL MS 194 T petrol chainsaw is a powerful professional arborist saw that is equally impressive for crown maintenance as well as in the removal of deadwood and suckers and water sprouts. Specialists in tree maintenance can carry out maintenance tasks effectively with this petrol chainsaw. The compact design of the STIHL MS 194 T chainsaw and its low weight enable you to work efficiently even in confined spaces.

The powerful STIHL 2-MIX engine ensures high cutting performance with low fuel consumption. The STIHL 1/4'' PM3 saw chain enables fine cuts and precise work. The STIHL Ematic system also supports the targeted supply of oil to the bar and chain, meaning you can work effectively while conserving oil. A practical, fold-out hook is used to attach the suspension cable when lowering the chainsaw and for securing it.

The extensive benefits of this chainsaw include the STIHL anti-vibration system, which minimises vibrations from the engine and power tool, thereby protecting your muscles and joints.

WARNING: This special chainsaw is only designed for specialists trained in tree maintenance. Using this tool without proper training may lead to serious injury.

  • Versatile tree maintenance saw
  • For users trained in tree maintenance
  • Extremely fine cut due to the 1/4” PM3 saw chain
  • 2-MIX engine for excellent cutting performance
  • Captive nuts facilitate chain replacement
  • Features

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    STIHL 4-port technology

    Technical details

    Bar length30 cm
    Bar length12 in
    Displacement31.76 cm³
    Displacement1.94 cu-in
    Engine power1.4 kW

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