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Sharpening chainsaws in the right way is essential to enable effective work with chainsaws. The STIHL file holder helps you to resharpen efficiently and safely by bringing together 2 work steps in a combination sharpener. A roand file and flat file are already integrated in the 2-in-1 file holder with file tolerance compensation (only for STIHL). This makes it possible for you to resharpen teeth quickly and easily while resetting the saw chain’s depth gauges, without needing to change working tool.

The STIHL 2-in-1 file holder is suitable for 1/4" Picco, 3/8" Picco, .325", 3/8" and .404" saw chains.

  • Practical combination sharpener for saw chains
  • For occasional users
  • Sharpen the teeth and depth gauge in a single step
  • Integrated file tolerance adjustment exclusively available from STIHL
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