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Forestry measuring tape with practical self-retracting mechanism

A forestry measuring tape is a necessity when cutting logs to length in the forest, making it indispensable for foresters and other forestry workers. The STIHL measuring tape is available in three lengths: 15 m, 20 m and 25 m. It features a robust metal housing and a sturdy yet flexible metal strip. A practical clip means you can easily attach it to your belt or tool belt.

As is typical with forestry measuring tapes, there is a small pin on the end of the tape measure. This allows the tape to be secured to the wood or bark of a trunk; either hook the tape to anchor it or push the pin gently into the wood to measure the relevant length and saw it off. Then simply release the hook again with a small jerk. As the tape has a spring, it will automatically retract – this also makes one-person measurement possible.

The forestry tape measure has been awarded the KWF Profi quality mark by Kuratorium for Waldarbeit and Forsttechnik e.V. (Forestry and forestry technology advisory board).

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