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Perfect for applying plant protection products

In addition to effective plant protection, you can also use the STIHL SG 11 PLUS manual handheld sprayer featuring a special EPDM seal for domestic work such as applying cleaning agents and solvents in the PH range of 7-14 in your home and garden.

The lightweight and ergonomically shaped STIHL SG 11 PLUS has a smooth-running pump that you can operate with one hand. The 1.5-litre spray agent tank is transparent with an easy-to-read liquid scale. The standard hollow-cone nozzle of the STIHL SG 11 PLUS sprayer enables you to apply exactly the right amount of liquid for the task at hand. This is particularly crucial when it comes to pest control, so that you can avoid damaging other plants.

This handheld sprayer has an adjustable nozzle, which supports work with cleaning agents and solvents such as our STIHL Varioclean special cleaner. The pump also has a special protective element for a long service life. The safety valve attached to the lid protects you in the event of overpressure in the pressure sprayer, by relieving pressure before opening.

You can optionally supplement the STIHL SG 11 PLUS pressure sprayer with the STIHL nozzle set or a STIHL extension tube for special applications.

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