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STIHL SG 31 Manual Pressure Sprayer

The STIHL SG 31 manual garden sprayer is suitable for domestic users for garden maintenance, applying pesticides, targeting weeds and pests and for fertilising. With the STIHL SG 31 sprayer, you can spray individual plants with precision as well as treating medium-sized cultivated areas. The large filler opening and the ergonomic shut-off valve with telescopic tube support easy operation and effective working. The large lever on the shut-off valve of the STIHL SG 31 pressure sprayer allows you to stop spraying quickly and easily at any time. With the 5 litre transparent spray agent tank, you can work for long periods without frequent refilling. The model also includes a handy scale indicating the current fill level. For the precise application of liquids, the STIHL SG 31 plant sprayer is equipped with a brass hollow cone nozzle and a fan jet nozzle.

You can also retrofit the STIHL SG 31 pressure sprayer with various practical accessories such as the STIHL spray guard, which prevents the liquid from drifting on the wind while you work. Or you could choose the STIHL dual nozzle, which enables you to spray a larger area or two rows of seeds at the same time, for efficient garden bed care.

SG 31

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