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Robust design for long service life

The STIHL SG 51 backpack garden sprayer is suitable for occasional use as well as professional use. The SG 51 sprayer supports efficient plant care, especially for large-area crops. Thanks to the standard-fitted brass hollow cone nozzle, you can apply the spray agent with great precision using the pressure sprayer. The large filler opening and the ergonomic shut-off valve with pressure gauge and telescopic tube make handling easier, as do the central hose outlet and the convenient carrying system. The STIHL SG 51 plant sprayer is very convenient and flexible to use, as the right- and left-handed pump lever makes the sprayer equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed users. The pump lever is also adjustable in both width and length to suit the user. The two back straps of the carrying system can be attached to the STIHL SG 51 in two positions and can also be individually adjusted in length. The sprayer unit can easily be stored in the integrated spray pipe holder for transport and storage.

The transparent 12 litre spraying agent tank allows the fill level to be read with ease at any time. The lid of the STIHL SG 51 garden sprayer also includes 3 integrated measuring cups as a dosing aid. The internal pump, which is well protected against damage, helps ensure a long service life for the robust SG 51 pressure sprayer. Other optional nozzles and accessories, such as the optional wide brass spray bar, provide additional support for various plant care applications.

SG 51

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