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HT 135 petrol pole pruner: Powerful and efficient

As the most powerful pole pruner in the STIHL range, the STIHL HT 135 petrol pole pruner is ideal for professional tree maintenance in orchards and municipalities. With this pole pruner, you can remove branches, deadwood or storm damage and also cut fruit trees easily and efficiently. The high-torque STIHL 4-MIX® engine produces low emissions. The manual fuel pump and automatic decompression allow the engine to be started more quickly with less effort.

Thanks to the lightweight and robust magnesium transmission, you can work effortlessly during longer periods of use. The STIHL HT 135 is safe and comfortable to use, as all elements of the engine control are integrated into the single-hand multi-function handle. The professional telescopic shaft is particularly rigid and can be easily adjusted to different working heights thanks to the quick-adjust mechanism, or can be retracted for transport at the end of the job. The STIHL HT 135 pole pruner has a total length of 270 cm to 390 cm. This means that you can easily cut even higher branches up to 5 m high.

A branch hook is cast onto the robust magnesium housing, which you can use as a shaking and impact hook. Lateral chip ejection reduces the risk of clogging. Practical for handling the pole pruner, the sprocket cover with direction bar is used for targeted positioning of the STIHL HT 135 for precise cuts. The sprocket cover is also fixed with a captive nut.

You can use the STIHL HT 135 petrol pole pruner with a 1/4" P saw chain, for example with the STIHL 1/4" P Picco Micro 3 (PM3) saw chain, 1.1 mm for maximum cutting performance.

To make working with the HT 135 even more pleasant, the ergonomic, padded harness ensures better weight distribution. It also features the STIHL anti-vibration system to relieve muscles and joints.

  • Length-adjustable telescopic shaft for working at height
  • STIHL anti-vibration system provides comfort even on long working days
  • The most powerful STIHL petrol-driven pole pruner
  • Robust magnesium transmission with cast-on branch hook
  • STIHL 4-MIX® engine with automatic decompression for easy starting
  • For professional tree maintenance in orchards and public authority operations
  • Features

    The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

    HTA 86
    Telescopic drive tube assembly
    STIHL 4-MIX Engine

    Technical details

    Bar length30 cm
    Bar length12 in
    Displacement36.3 cm³
    Displacement2.22 cu-in
    Engine power1.4 kW

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